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110W Flexible Solar Panel
We are solar panels manufacturers in China,we produce 110W flexible solar panel,Monocrystalline Solar Panels from china at wholesale price, We mainly provide various types of solar panels, and also accept customization according to customer requirements,
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110W Sunpower Flexible Solar Panel

This 110W semi flexible solar panel can be widely used on yacht, boat, RV roof and so on. Our 2nd generation newest product main advantage is higher efficient in producing power, more light in weight and more water proof and durable in long use.


Mechanical Data:

1).Flexible Angle : up to 10-15 degree

2).Back Sheet: White PET or TPT

3).J-Box: IP 65 rated

4).Thickness of ETFE: 0.025mm

5).Thickness of solar panel: 3mm

6).Cables/Connector: 1.5meters, 2*2.5mm2 cable with waterproof connectors

7).Type of Solar Cells: Sunpower back contact cells

8).Eyelets: 4pcs in the corners

9). By pass diode: 2pcs (10A for each )

Item Number OS110-17.6MFX
Pmax 110W
Vmp 17.6V
Imp 6.25A
Voc 20.77V
ISC 6.88A
Size 1100*540*3mm
Cell Efficiency 21%-23%
Number Of Cells 32pcs