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120w 12v 5V Portable RV Travel Backpack USB Foldable Solar Panel
We are solar panels manufacturers in China,we produce 120W folding solar panel,Monocrystalline Solar Panels from china at wholesale price, We mainly provide various types of solar panels, and also accept customization according to customer requirements,
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ETFE surface, Waterproof and Flame Retardant.


Multillayer Foldable Design, Portable and Convenient

With Handle, Easy to carry

Product's Name Lamination Foldable Solar Charger
Item Number OP1204
Pamx(W) 120
Vmp(V) 18
Imp(A) 6.67
Voc(V) 21.24
Isc(A) 7.34
Folded Size(mm) 535*410*25
Unfoled Size(mm) 1490*535
Solar Cell Efficiency 20%-22%
New Weight(kg) 2.8
Lamination ETFE+Fiberglass+Fabric